About Me

The SuperDuper show is a street show combining clowning, volunteers and great circus skills.

the show reenacts duper’s imaginary rise to fame. Starting from the beautiful, touching and dangerously funny story of how he met his wife and ending with his attempt to show off his newly acquired skills that will impress the public and festival managers alike – riding a unicycle on a slackrope while juggling fire.

the 45 minutes show is a combination of clowning, stand-up comedy, volunteers, quick-change and circus skills.

My skills have been honed and hardened performing mainly in the streets and stages of Israel. A country notorious for having an especially hard audience to please.
Knowing that I made it there it’s time to make it everywhere. I have been travelling and performing around the globe in recent years performing both in street-festivals like the Edinburgh Fringe and beautiful festivals like the “Kleines fest” in Hannover.

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